What is your shipping policy?

For mechandise sold through FarmDrop.us we apply standard shipping rates. For each individual market there are customized rates for home delivery, but no charge for pick-up locations.

How do your Farmers make money?

Our system is unique to e-commerce, each farmer retains up to 93% of their sales price which is well above other sales channels. Your money also goes directly to each producer/farmer, there is no middle-man!

How do I order wholesale?

Most of our markets have wholesale ordering options, if you are looking for something specific please email info@farmdrop.us and we will work with you to help you connect with the right market and producer/farmers.

How do I sign up?

Are you a farmer or small scale food producer? Go to your community market and contact the site manager, their information is on the contact page. You will need to supply a insurance certificate to the manager of the site for their records as well a brief description of your products.

Are you a customer? Find the market that is closest to you, there is no need to sign up or register, though creating a customer account helps for you to order in the future and get updates about new products.